ATLAS Programmer’s Workbench (APWsm)

The ATLAS Programmer’s Workbench is a set of tools and capabilities designed by programmers for ATLAS programmers. APW is tailored to the requirements of program development, and provides an integrated working environment which makes it quick and easy to compile, link and debug.

Languages supported are CASS and IFTE. 

The Interface features include customizable Button Bars and Menus, a tabbed multiple document interface with movable tabs, vertical or horizontal tab groups with simultaneous views of multiple files, dockable windows with autohide capabilities, and split views of files within tabs.

The Editor includes syntax coloring based upon the integrated ATLAS language, optional line numbering, margin indicator, dragging and dropping text, cut, copy, paste, delete, find and replace (with optional regular expressions), uppercase and lowercase text by toolbar button, line/column position indicator, print preview, print with syntax coloring, line numbers, page numbers, and bookmarks.

The Syntax capabilities include locating global source for external procedures, a code browser, full access to all procedures and variables in all included modules, jumping to procedure definitions without having to locate source files, and jumping to test numbers.

The ATLAS features include automatic code completion for external procedures and require statements, intellisense code hints for procedures, require statements, and keyword, full syntax and semantic checking.

Additional Features include automatic conversion between windows and UNIX file formats, an integrated FTP client, Integrated TELNET Client, and the ability to emulate the UNIX client in an editor window.